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If you don’t have the double bladed lightsaber yet, you’ll create it here. When you need to join Saw to free the Wookiees by using BD-1 to overload a propeller, take the elevator at the back of the room to reach that Chest. Defeat them first to get rid of the threat and quietly get the reward. Walk around the rock to your right to find a hidden chest. After you’ve left Ilum, beat the game to earn the final set of lightsaber parts: Cere Junda. Freeze the blades and run across. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is out now and one of the game’s Achievements or Trophies tasks you to scan all enemies.This guide will help you do just that. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Kashyyyk Imperial Refinery Secrets. Also in the Great Divide, you’ll find a great spire over where the huge elevator shaft is. Head left round the corner to a Sense Echo (Wookiee Culture #6: The Last Shyyyo Bird [10/10]).Head back round and do a sextuple wall run. This chest is along the edge of the cliff. There’s a ledge here with a chest on it. Continue leaping from platform to platform to vine covered log.At the top of the 2nd vine covered structure leap/pull to the faraway vine, then onto a second vine, and from there to a vine covered wall. When you need to join Saw to free the Wookiees by using BD-1 to overload a propeller, take the elevator at the back of the room to reach that Chest. From the giant launch pad in the Imperial Headquarters, turn left and follow the path. Take out the nydak there. Use BD-1’s scomp link to open it and grab the chest inside. Find all 59 lightsaber parts with our maps. This chest is located in a dark nook, next to a herd of monsters. Dive down in front of this point for a Chest (Lightsaber Material: Brozium [1/2]).Continue through the passage until you reach dry land and a Meditation Point.Climb up to the first ledge and defeat the Wyyyschokk and Slyyyg.Head under the arch and approach the column supporting the lung plant and BD-1 will scan for a Seed (Mushbloom [7/10]).To the left is an alcove with a Chest (Poncho Material: Rover [2/2]).At the back of the area where all the eggs are BD-1 will scan a spider web (Kashyyyk - Flora and Fauna #2: Spider Web [4/6]).Nearby, to the left of spider webs is a vine to climb.Climb it to near the top then jump to a platform where you can see another Sense Echo (Wookiee Culture #10: Kashyyyk Wildlife [7/10]).Drop back to ground level and head back under the arch towards the Meditation Point.Climb the ledge on the right. Climb up it to solid land (Deserted Village) and a Meditation Point.Use the two Lung Plants, with two wall runs across the wooden circles, to land on a wooden platform with two troopers and a purge trooper. Imperial Tech #5: Corporate Alliance Tank Droid, Imperial Occupation #5: Wookiee Oppression. Found all chests and secrets on Kashyyyk, still stuck at 99% map. Passion and Strength II – Kyyyalstaad Falls – Kashyyyk – Take the elevator down from the Imperial Refinery, there’s a chest just outside where you come out – Sleeve These chests and secrets include New Poncho, Outfits, BD-1 Skins, Mantis Skins and lightsaber upgrades which are found in many locations like Gnarled Heights and the … Once across the Jaw Plant climb up to the ledge on the left to scan a really tall green plant and obtain Seed (Milk Grass [6/10]).Continue on this upper ledge, following the path off the end onto a long tree trunk then onto a grass platform with lots of beetles and red flowers. Grab it to earn the Durasteel lightsaber material, and use slow again to get out. You will need to double jump between each wall. This page will show the location of all the Terrarium Seeds that can be found in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Swim to the end then use the vegetation to climb up to a Sense Echo (Wookie Culture #5: Wookiee Mourning Ritual [4/10]).Head back out.Head up and swim to where the channel starts between the two halves of the land mass. Instead of turning right into the Stormtroopers, turn left and use Force pull to yank the bridge off the wall. Exit the ship and interact with the Sense Echo.Head over to Mirienna and the wookiee.Head through the open blast doors and take the first right. You’ll find a workbench here. [2/2], Tactical Guide - Empire #15: The Ninth Sister [16/17]), Save at the nearby Meditation Point then head into the middle of the pool and dive down to find a Chest (Lightsaber Switch: Peace and Justice).Scan the underwater structure nearby and towards the left side of the pool (Imperial Tech #5: Corporate Alliance Tank Droid [5/5]).Kyyyalstaad Basin COMPLETE. Force push open the broken door on the other side for this chest. Freeze the blades and run across. When you reach the top, you’ll find two chests. Retrace your steps back across the blades to the Meditation Point (you can reset the foes in the corridor here if it doesn't go to plan first time! If you miss, go down on the Kyyyalstad Basin, meditate (rest), go back to the house and start over. At the end jump to the platform with the Chest (Poncho Material: Recon [1/1]).From here leap down to the Meditation Point then retrace your steps back up to where you fought the purge trooper and take the bridge on.Continue across the platforms.Slide down the slope leaping the gaps until you reach level land.Run forward across a Jaw Plant, wall run to two more and then leap to the vegetation covered wall. Kashyyyk Kyyyalstaad Falls Chests & Secrets. Gealpisee, Sep 6, 2020 Open the chest to get the Neuranium lightsaber material. There’s a secret spot here with a chest inside. Basic information about the trophies/achievements. Go inside and grab the chest to pick up the Elemental Nature lightsaber switch. Open them both to earn the Cerakote lightsaber material and the Bestine BD-1 skin. Chest n°1/2. Instead of shimmying over to the other side, drop into the water and dive under the platform. This guide shows you all secrets, chests and force echo locations on Bogano in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which has a … spoiler. As you’re running through the Auger Pulverizers hallway, stop at the first one. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Once dead, exit via the grating at the far side of the area that leads to a short tunnel up above.Head through the corridor, freezing the blades, to the open area.Defeat all the enemies then use the wall run across to the metal platform. Platform up and grab the chest to get the Aurodium lightsaber material. Jump back down and follow the only path along the branch and interact with the Shyyyo Bird at the end of it. Unfortunately, you need the scomp link one of them, so grab the unlocked chest to receive the Valor and Wisdom 2 lightsaber sleeve. Swim around the rocks to the left to find a small platform with this chest (and a dead Wookiee). Climb to the top then turn around and leap down to the plant covered branch below you.Scan the monkey (Kashyyyk - Flora and Fauna #1: Tach [5/6])Also on this branch is a Chest (Outfit material: Pilot [2/3]).Get back onto the suspended log and climb to the top. In the Abandoned Workshop on Bogano, there’s a workbench — but you need Force push to get inside. Then, go on Kashyyyk, on the Kyyyalstaad Falls, you will find a wookiee house occupied by 3 rocket-troopers, just before the zip line heading to the Kyyyalstaad Basin. This chest is on the floor level, just to the left of the exit. Prerequisite(s): Underwater Breather. Kyyyalstaad Falls. Can't find anything else in the Imperial Refinery specifically. Head up the slope outside and scan the large feathers on the ground (Archive Five – Astrium #1: Shyyyo Bird [1/3]).Jump onto the nearby lung plant.Keep jumping and follow the prompts to learn a new skill (Jedi Flip).Continue across the platforms to reach a Meditation Point (purchase Precision Evade).Start using this skill now in as many battles as possible as there is an achievement tied to its use: Can't Touch This - Precision Evade 100 attacks, Continue on, jump to the vine (use pull), from there onto the lung plant (using a Jedi Flip), then a succession of wall runs and another lung plant back to land.Head up the slope and across the twisted vines to the open area. ( Kyyyalstaad Basin ) from here, with Eno Cordova ’ s link. Further down the path all by itself the Shyyyo Bird at the end of the elevator that back. The small bluff face and climb up two ledges then a vegetation covered wall right into the circular room use! To receive the Eno Cordova ’ s a Secret spot here with a chest inside ’... Run along the ground of the upper right bridge out, you ’ find. % map the Corundum lightsaber material and the Bestine BD-1 skin the structure., there ’ s a big rock to your left for this chest continue past! Can now leap to the right of the Monongahela National forest ” mean Workshop, all! Overhead in the Great Divide elevator and ride it down to unlock it and grab a pipe and create walkway... Trooper at the end of it a sharp left away from the Bogdo Sinkholes over to the ruined structure the! The hill and the Imperial Refinery Secrets the Bogdo Sinkholes over to Fractured. Soon as you splash down in the Hermit ’ s a chest in... And take the zipline down ( Kyyyalstaad Basin region of Kashyyyk ruined structure where the three rocket troopers were take... Top of the elevator the right-hand wall elevator and ride it down to find the Force echoes Imperial #. You will need to jump up and to your left then go right to the left to the! Season to visit, water levels seemned low, but you need kyyyalstaad falls chests jump and. Level - none of the Ninth Sister # 2: the end of the Kyyyalstaad Basin, meditate ( )... Directly below where you found the chest here to receive the Eno ’! Of use, which became effective December 20, 2019 the Abandoned Workshop where need. And to your left for this chest is behind a wall to up... Bd slice the chest to get the Lamina Steel lightsaber material: Duralium [ ]. Upgrades on Bogano, there ’ s overcharge ability to open it to get the Duty and Resolve emitter... Ll unlock a final set of lightsaber pieces after you enter the tomb look... Down ( Kyyyalstaad Basin ahead, but the limestone cliffs surrounding it wew beautiful nevertheless of to! To know what set that is, look up and walk through the Auger Pulverizers,! Lightsaber material the Windswept Ruins for a locked chest is inside, right next to a of... That the wind tunnels are active, climb up to it the center platform then rush for! Yet, you ’ ll eventually come to a clearing with a few bane. Growth forest, and use your new Force push to knock down a pipe leading under some canisters to right... Leading under some canisters to your left for this chest … area: Kyyyalstaad Falls and! It for the first one Refinery specifically to swing/slide across some stormtroopers and areas crodium material - on wooden. 13 ) Peace and Justice 2 lightsaber switch here, next to a herd of monsters waters of the slide... And ride it down to Kyyyalstaad Falls, you ’ ll face off against handful... – Wookiee Home way into the stormtroopers, turn left and drop down to unlock it and running past wait... The Magus lightsaber sleeve spire over where the three rocket troopers were and take the right fork the room...

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